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My Eyes

I’m looking at the tower blocks of Hulme, holding up the sky,
and every 15 seconds the picture changes, smog catches
the back of my throat, coughing I look out at a Delhi skyline,
ragged and dusty, I have to shut my left eye to return to England.

My right eye composes Internet adverts that travel the Web, goes
dancing at the Hacienda, wears 10 denier, loves men.
My left eye drives a rickshaw, eats paan at 5am, loves women.
My right eye comes home to tortellini with spinach and ricotta, puts
on a CD of Portishead and crashes out in a crescendo of 90’s revival.
My left eye objects, buys pani puri on the corner of Janpath Market,
while ‘Chaltie, Chaltie’ from Pakeezah blares out from a trashed
radio wedged between the boiling oil and a pan of chai.

I shut both eyes, wanting release, tired of reliving the collision
at Defence Colony between an auto-rickshaw driver
and a tourist’s taxi going South.

© Maya Chowdhry, 2012


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