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Writer & inTer-aCtive artist

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Maya Chowdhry
...was born in Edinburgh and grew up on the Fife coast; basking on barnacled rocks in an orange swimsuit, the February wind chilling her skin to goosebumps. She journeyed the kala pani; circling to Scottish shores, her poetry manuscript below layers in her mum’s attic. She (w)rights poetry, plays & digital poetry. Her poetry has travelled via film, audio, web and past fingers on pages; always discovering, always uncovering.

Maya's latest film is a collaboration with Litfest check out Flax 028
She has worked extensively with young people revealing and disseminating their voices; from the Woolwich Ferry, to an outdoor bed installation - Sphere : dreamz, to the world-wide-web.

Maya's collaborations including working internationally with four poets on

She has performed her poetry nationally and internationally.

Maya film - Nothing as Quiet as a House is a collaboration with poet Sarah Hymas.

Her latest collection The Seamstress and the Global Garment was launched at the Manchester Literature Festival

Maya has written for stage, screen and radio. Listen to a sample from one of her radio plays - Black is the Colour of my True Love's Hair:


Digital Writing
Maya's digital collection, for which she received an Arts Council literature award, is unleashed at destinyNation

inTer-aCtive art
Digital art
She is an inTer-aCtive artist working in still and moving imagery, word spinning and web weaving. Check out her latest work at

Image making
Maya's films journey on a lyrical landscape exploring experimental narratives.

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