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Writer & inTer-aCtive artist

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Maya Chowdhry
...was born in Edinburgh and grew up on the Fife coast; basking on barnacled rocks in an orange swimsuit. She journeyed the kala pani; circling to Scottish shores.

 She has lived in a tenement in Edinburgh, in a garage in San Francisco, on the land in Wales (in a caravan), in a (very small) apartment on Melrose Place LA, in a barsati in Delhi and now lives in Hulme, Manchester.
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Where she's been
She has an MA in Scriptwriting for Film & Television and has been a chef, a film-maker (in a co-op), a carpenter, an inTer-aCt-ive artist and is always an activist.

Maya has worked extensively with young people revealing and disseminating their voices; from the Woolwich Ferry to an outdoor bed installation: sphere : dreamz, to the world-wide-web.

She created a poetic tapestry for the web destinyNation 

Maya completed a collaborative residency with a musician and two dancers, with Northern Ballet Theatre.

Quotes & reviews
The Seamstress and the Global Garment
"Chowdhry’s poems are uniquely alive to the possibilities of  multiple identities, fused mother tongues and the interweaving of  myths."
Saradha Soobrayen, Poetry Editor: Chroma Journal

The Seamstress and the Global Garment
"Maya’s poetry exhibits playfulness and depth in equal measure. Her writing is mature and confident, with a clear sense of voice, her poems a delight to read."
 Nii Parkes

Quotes & Reviews
"Maya Chowdhry's Kaahini is a surprising, tender and beautifully
observed play, which manages the elusive feat of exploring gender
and cultural politics in a thought-provoking way without ever
distracting from the passionate heart of its story. A play which
deserves to be seen by as many young people as possible."
John E McGrath, Artistic Director, Contact, Manchester.

Healing Strategies for Women at War
"Poignant, exhuberant, funny, pensive, haunting and extremely thought-provoking; these are the voices of women who must be heard." Valerie Bloom

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